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If you are a business or an individual looking to support QuelmarCon 2023, we are currently accepting sponsorships at four tier level with different benefits at each tier.

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Sponsorship Tiers

Kobold Level $5–$50

Your logo and name on flyers/programs/social media posts, and an organization-specific thank you/advertising post.

Gelatinous Cube Level $50–$100

All previous tier benefits plus a free one-day badge to the convention. If you or a friend/family member are unable to attend, you are welcome to donate this badge to our scholarship program!


Beholder Level $100–$250

All previous tier benefits plus a gaming table named after your organization, and a sponsored advertisement for your organization which will be read before each game at that table.

Dragon Level $250+

All previous tier benefits plus a free basic badge (Fri–Sun) to the convention, and an open offer to let our community's professional voice actors do a recording for your organization! This may be an advertisement, but we are open to other requests.


We are always looking to connect with new indviduals and companies for both sponsorships and partnerships!

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